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John Cooper will be speaking at two conferences in May:


 On the 30th of May, John will be a key note speaker in Copenhagen at a conference on future hospitals. He will present : “Healthcare design of the 21st century, hospital planning and construction – where are we heading”? 

Link to conference site here

John will then head to Paris to speak on the 31st of May at the UIA Public Health Group Seminar. The conference’s theme is “Hospital 21 - Breathing new life in the 21st century hospital” and is part of the Paris Healthcare Week conference.

Link to conference site here

JCA with SR, RR and GAPP was presented with an award of merit from the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA)  for The Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. The award was presented at an awards ceremony in Pretoria on May 4th.

The Hopital de la Tour B2 expansion was formally opened on the 24th of April 2018.  JCA directors Hrafnhildur Olafsdóttir and John Cooper attended the ceremony in Geneva. It was a beautiful sunny day and a very happy occasion for all.  JCA have worked with the owners of this private Swiss hospital since 2013, providing strategic advice, constructing the brief and the schedules of accommodation, masterplanning the site, developing the detailed design and providing a detailed interior design strategy.


The first purpose-built paediatric hospital in South Africa.

An extension to a Swiss private hospital.

Khalid Al Hasan Cancer Centre

The first National Cancer Hospital for Palestine.

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