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Hrafnhildur Olafsdottir at the Salutogenic Hospital Design & Urban Health


JCA Director Hrafnhildur Olafsdottir presents salutogenic design principles in JCA's work at the 1st European Symposium of Salutogenic Hospital Design & Urban Health at the in Milano on the 29th of March 2019.  She will talk about how JCA adheres to simple universal architectural principles of wellbeing in all areas of hospital design, clinical or non-clinical and how these design principles provide physical as well as spiritual uplift both for staff and patients.

A link to the conference programme is here

Westminster Health Forum

John Cooper at the Westminster Health Forum 


John Cooper is speaking at the Westminster Health Forum in Whitehall on the 24th of January, which is addressing the key issues for NHS estates: funding, planning and policy. John will suggest that we are suffering currently from a surplus of policies and an acute shortage of achievements. In addition, he considers that the procurement strategies have become so ponderous and expensive that they hinder and often prohibit development.  He will outline ways in which we can streamline the process and encourage mixed use development on NHS land.

A link to the conference programme is here

Hopital de la Tour

The Hopital De La Tour B2 expansion was formally opened on the 24th of April 2018.  JCA directors Hrafnhildur Olafsdóttir and John Cooper attended the ceremony in Geneva. It was a beautiful sunny day and a very happy occasion for all.  JCA have worked with the owners of this private Swiss hospital since 2013, providing strategic advice, constructing the brief and the schedules of accommodation, masterplanning the site, developing the detailed design and providing a detailed interior design strategy.

JCA with SR, RR and GAPP was presented with an award of merit from the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA)  for The Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. The award was presented at an awards ceremony in Pretoria on May 4th.


At a time when budgets are reduced and capital is scarce it is vital that any new project or initiative is intelligently assembled. It is our job to ensure that our clients are as well informed as possible, so that they can start a project, which may take years of development, from the right place.


We have significant experience of formulating briefs and development strategies. We have worked on the master plans for whole hospitals estates and new campus design.

This work is intensely collaborative and requires multi-disciplinary teams. Our experience enables us to contribute actively to any discussion on health planning, cost and construction.


JCA is expert at analysing the condition and configuration of our clients’ current estates to assist them in assembling redevelopment strategies that maximise opportunity and minimise cost.


We have prepared feasibility studies for a range of healthcare, university and laboratory developments in city centres, and on brown and green field sites.

JCA also has the ability to work closely with fellow consultants on developing financial models and assisting in the development of capital and revenue budgets.

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