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Just as we work with clients to establish the most appropriate brief, we also work to establish the most effective process of consultation.


Health projects often require a significant degree of stakeholder and user engagement to establish the brief and functional content and monitor that key objectives are being met. This period is process rich and people heavy and can be costly for all concerned.

JCA has extensive experience of planning and leading this process to minimize cost and maximise the benefits of discussion and collaboration, consulting the right – often very busy – people at the right time.


We understand the importance of issues such as team structure and governance and can help in designing the project plan and a communications strategy.

We address issues such as team structure and governance, project programme and clear lines of communication to establish a rigorous process for decision making.

We inject these initial project stages with the enthusiasm and good humour required to establish a shared vision for the project and a shared understanding of the route to achieve this.


Crucially, the consultation process is about challenging as well as listening. Our experience means that we are able to question and enquire from an informed perspective that wins the confidence of clinicians.

Our experience has shown us that there are no absolutes and that we must eliminate assumptions from the consultation process if we are to move beyond the cultural boundaries of UK healthcare design.

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