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Our architecture prioritises the experience of those who use and work in the buildings we design. Our design principles are fundamental and equally applicable to all building types.


Our approach to design is holistic, enabling patients in particular to navigate not just the building, but the experience of being in hospital.


We break down the often arbitrary divisions between public, semi- public and clinical space. Our aim is to eliminate wherever possible moving down corridors. Patient journeys should be as short as possible and take place in public spaces animated by sunlight and shadow with views out into the campus landscape or beyond the hospital’s boundaries. We design to minimise the energy use and travelling distances of staff. Wayfinding should be as intuitive as possible, with a minimal reliance on signage.


We believe that high quality interiors, designed within cost parameters, can play a major part not just in the more obvious atrium and reception areas but also in clinical and treatment areas, where the delivery of care takes place and where patients need to feel most reassured. The planning of the key areas should be based on fundamental architectural principles and not ‘cooky cutting’ swathes of indeterminate space.

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