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Re-Imagine agening


in collaboration with Monaco Architetti


ARB competition / new concept in retirement living


4 000 m2

Flexible housing for a new phase of life

Design objectives


A sense of community : A project in which the residents can embrace an active lifestyle and

maintain independence as long as possible. This is supported by a close knit community,

brought together in a unique building.


Accessibility: A project that connects with its context both visually as well as having simple

access routes for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. A well designed parking strategy that

maximises the availability of green areas on the site.


Adaptability: Apartments that allow “aging in place” are fully accessible for the disabled

and easily adaptable to changing personal circumstances. The simple units also allow flexible

usage of different parts of the building.


Inside/outside: A solution that allows access to green spaces, from private south facing

balconies to common external terraces to a shared garden and access to surrounding



Public/private: A building with a distinctly private and a public side with an exciting central

shared space with a welcoming interior, encouraging social interaction.


Lifetime skills development: A building that offers the residents space to work

on their hobbies and wellness; painting, woodwork, courses, exercise etc.

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